Victory Gardens Farmers Market

Victory Gardens Farmers Market is very dear to our hearts and a tribute to that “Greatest Generation” who in hard times when the majority of food production was to help feed our troops in WWII, planted their own backyard or roof top gardens in patriotic solidarity and support of our efforts towards victory. Many of our seniors will remember this powerful concept. The name seemed apropos as today we are in need of resurrecting the American Sprit again.

Our City Gardens business model innovates by being the grower, the farmers market, and the restaurant.  In this way we create three major benefits for our customers.  First, with a City Gardens grow facility located within 3 to 5 miles of our brand stores, our customers can be sure of exactly where their food is coming from and that it is fresh as well as safe.  Secondly, because our stores are a combination of store front and restaurant, our customers can taste and see the food before they buy it. Our restaurants and farmers markets only use and sell our safe organic produce.  The third benefit of our model is that once enjoyed in our restaurant, customers can simply walk over to the farmers market and purchase the same produce to take home and enjoy again!

It is our sincere desire to make our combination brand outlets a much needed Anchor for strip malls, office parks, and downtown centers.

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