Our Greater Purpose:

It is City Gardens’ vision to provide a business model whereby access to 100% organically grown, highly nutritious food is increased and readily available to a larger portion of the existing market, but also to those not currently able to afford the better quality organic foods despite their desire.

We believe this small vision can be brought into larger, clearer focus and accomplished by overcoming the current prohibitive high costs of production and logistics.  In doing so, we can also alleviate growing fears over pesticide usage and food borne diseases.

Big Expensive Problem; Simple Low Cost Solution:

Our business model removes the two primary expense and cost factors of organically grown produce, which are logistics and uncontrolled variables associated with outdoor growing practices.  Specifically, the costs for trucking/ shipping and those costs involved to grow marketable pesticide free produce.  Current costs for such production is very high due to the enormous volumes of water required for outdoor farming, and higher costs of tending plants in the war on pests and vermin.

outdoor-growingOutdoor Growing:

  • Crops easily damaged due to adverse weather conditions. (Drought, Hail, Flood, Heat, Frost, Freeze)
  • Pesticides, Antibiotics, Chemicals
  • Contaminated ground water supplies.
  • Limited growing seasons give rise to low yields
  • Poorer visual quality makes items less marketable. (Insect damage, over handled)

In the case of organic produce grown outdoors, 70% of what is grown is not “saleable” to the American people.  Getting that marketable 30% shipped to markets is sustaining the high costs.  The costs for shipping, trucking and fuel for so little are expensive, therefore the price for these products are much higher.  The average cost for organic produce over conventional farming methods is 85% more for the organics.  We can do better.

mapLocal Means Really Local:

Our simple strategy of grow it locally indoors, sell it locally indoors, removes these issues.

Thereby, creating non-exportable American jobs, sustainable American products, and making substantial contributions to the overall improvement of the local community infrastructure wherever the business is established.

Disabled VeteransWe can create sustainable jobs and possibly places to live for those willing to work and in need of a fresh start, all within one building.  We will be especially supportive of hiring:

  • Disabled Veterans and their Families
  • Retired Veterans
  • Seniors
  • Women in Distress
  • Economically Disadvantaged


“Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Pro. 29:18)

The lingering recession and its effects can be seen everywhere.  Across this great country, there are too many inactive commercial buildings in city downtowns and in office and industrial parks.


In response, City Gardens proposes to aide in revitalizing these areas with organic food restaurants and farmer’s market combination store fronts.  These “Store Fronts” will be supplied by our offsite growing facilities strategically placed no more than 5 miles away. This scenario will allows us to supply four “Store Fronts” plus 28 other local eateries at a savings that will greatly benefit their bottom line.