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Changing old paradigms is as difficult as changing old habits, but with the help and support of many, even the hardest things become easier. As time passes things change, that’s life. We can’t stop changes from happening, but if we are smart, we can direct the course of events for our benefit.

Small changes can make big differences- but slowly. Bigger changes make bigger differences-much faster! As the world’s population grows we are running out of farmland, water, and time. We must start those bigger faster changes now before it’s too late.

Serious issues facing America today.

There are many serious issues facing our country today, a faltering economy and lack of jobs, lack of hope for the future, lack of leadership, lack of moral direction, and lack of values. Not to mention the deterioration our urban infrastructures and our overall diminished American reputation on the world stage.

Regardless of politics or religious beliefs, there are some fundamental things we can all agree on… we all need to eat and the healthier we all eat the healthier we all are. We are what we eat.

Our mission is to dynamically change the how and where America grows the food we eat and how we get it to market. Our plan will not just make healthier organic foods more accessible and affordable to a wider segment of our population but it will also help reduce Diabetes and Autism, combat obesity, and the general ill effects of a poor diet on society.

We seek to create good American jobs with good pay that can’t be outsourced to a different country.

We can create sustainable jobs and possibly places to live for those willing to work and in need of a fresh start, all within one building. We will be especially supportive of hiring:

Amercian Senior

– Disabled Veterans and their Families

– Retired Veterans

– Seniors

– Women in Distress

– Economically Disadvantaged

We can rebuild our urban centers, upgrading their infrastructures by re-purposing the buildings and using Green Energy Technologies.

American Flag Flying high

The benefits of our efforts:

– Fresher, safer food.
– Fresh local jobs and commerce.
– Renewed families.
– Fresh hope for the future.
– Cleaner air, water and energy.

It is a massive task but, step by step, working together, we can do it.
We hope you will support us with your generous donation today, so tomorrow can be brighter for us all.

American Family enjoying Organic food

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