25% lifetime Discount card

Welcome and Thank You for Pledging!  This page is dedicated to people like you that have decide to donate at least $20 to help City Gardens USA create new paradigm in indoor farming.

All donations with be combined with others to help us secure large grants in many areas like Diabetes research, better food for schools, hospitals and homeless shelters, plant vaccines and more affordable organic produce for everyone.

Your generous donation will help bring many aspects of our business model into being. You can be very proud that your contributions will directly help provide jobs for our veterans and their families; Jobs for the homeless and those in need of a second chance. These jobs will be right here in America and cannot be exported. These will be Jobs that cover the entire educational spectrum and even create new academic courses.

Let me encourage you to review the other tabs of our website and learn more about us.  Then go and tell all your friends… If you agree with what we are doing, chances are very good so will your friends and family. This is a massive undertaking and we need all the help we can get.

IF we can get just one fully operational example going, the Domino effect will happen and we can then be able expand rapidly all over the country. Together we can not only create the much needed jobs America must have, but also provide excellent and meaningful measures to stop major causes of environmental pollution.

About the 25% lifetime discount card:25_Seal

This card is a special perk being offered 14 days before we launch our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds. We need traction as soon as the campaign starts. It is very important to the success of our campaign to have as many donations as possible the first day of the launch.  By pledging now and donating specifically on August 15 2014 you will receive a special personalized Lifetime Discount Card for 25% off future merchandize, organic produce or meals and any of our Victory Garden Farmer’s Market or Munch Café (see brands tab!)

Just fill out the form below and enter your name birthday and email contact. Your information will be stored in a safe data base and used to verify your membership in special club. We will absolutely protect your privacy and will not sell your info to anyone for any reason without your express consent. Thanks you again and we hope to see you in one of many stores across the country.

Thank you!
Michael R Tinsley
Founder & CEO
City Gardens USA

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