To The Next Giant Leap Forward – Indoor Vertical Farming!

The most important paradigm shift for future generations.

City Gardens Restaurants & Growers, Inc. seeks to function as grower, restaurant and, farmer’s market.

We will generate 100% certified Organic produce that is of better taste, higher nutritional value and visual quality for 30 to 50% less than existing traditional farming methods.

  • Safe
  • Fresh
  • Locally Grown
  • Sustainable industry and jobs
  • Lower Cost 100% Organic Produce
  • Advanced Application Of Hydroponics, Aeroponics And Green Energy Resources.


City Gardens will resurrect inactive commercial property and downtown areas creating Green Energy Positive Buildings, improving the local infrastructure.  We can provide quality organic produce foods for other local Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools and Homeless Shelters.


New Hope!

We can help to improve people’s overall health and lifestyle while setting an example for other green minded businesses and future generations. All while furthering the cause and concept of a greener healthier life style for all.

New Americanism – right here, right now!

American family

Our City Gardens method creates also, sustainable industry and stimulating new commerce, as well as, some 100 new sustainable jobs with each new full installation.  And most importantly, these are jobs that cannot be exported.  In these ways, we look to revitalize American jobs, American Pride, American infrastructure, and American Business.